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5 These Models That You Can Use When hiking to Still Look Stylish and Cool

Today SpecHiking has been a popular sport for some time now. Not only men, women also try this sport, you know! A sport full of challenges and a refreshing event. Make sure your mountain hiking equipment is complete. If you want to be stylish when hiking mountains, these traveling tips are useful for you!

1. Bright Flannel Shirt

Bright Flannel Shirt
Bright Flannel Shirt

When hiking a mountain, you do move a lot and will sweat. But that does not mean you can not look stylish. No need to bring a feminine blouse, just bring and wear a flannel shirt. Flannel shirts are one of the items that are timeless and unisex. Choose a bright color flannel shirt so it doesn’t look boring.

If you want to hiking a mountain with your girlfriend, you can choose a flannel couple shirt with your girlfriend. Not only that, flannel shirts have thick material, which will certainly warm your body when hiking mountains that have cold air.

Alternatively if you don’t want to wear a flannel shirt, you can choose a thick T-shirt that can absorb sweat. Choose shirts that are also brightly colored, yes, so that you are easily recognized.

2. Wear Trekking Boots and Bring Mountain Slippers

Wear Trekking Boots and Bring Mountain Slippers
Wear Trekking Boots and Bring Mountain Slippers

Safety is number one when you decide to hiking a mountain. Do not wear flat shoes or ordinary sneakers. Prepare trekking boots that you can wear when you go up the mountain. No need to worry so it looks macho.

Although the boots for trekking have a very masculine shape, but these shoes are very useful in protecting your feet when you have to go through many unusual terrain. Now there are many women-only trekking shoes that are colorful and look adorable.

Up around the campsite, replace boots with mountain slippers so that it’s practical if you want to go back and forth and cook in the tent area. When choosing a mountain slippers , make sure the rubber is not slippery and comfortable and doesn’t blister your feet. Also, make sure the colors and straps have unique motifs so that you look more stylish.

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3. Wear Cargo Pants

Wear Cargo Pants
Wear Cargo Pants

Not recommended to wear jeans when going up the mountain. Even though it’s always a mainstay, jeans have thicker and heavier materials that will make it difficult for you to hiking. You can wear cargo pants that are lighter, absorb sweat, and easily dry when exposed to wetness and sweat. Cargo pants made from cotton that are comfortable to wear. Cargo pants also have many pockets that are very useful for storing necessities during the hiking.

4. Windbreaker jacket

Windbreaker jacket for hiking
Windbreaker jacket for hiking

The air in the mountains is cold and requires you to wear a jacket. But, don’t wear sweaters made of wool. The extreme temperatures on the mountain cannot only be driven by a wool jacket.

Instead, you can wear a windbreaker jacket. This jacket is no less stylish with a wool sweater. You can choose a variety of colors, designs, and thicknesses that are very useful for your safety while on the mountain.

5. Bring Carrier with a Cool Design

Bring Carrier with a Cool Design
Bring Carrier with a Cool Design

To save all your needs when hiking a mountain, you must carry a carrier or a mountain bag. Do not bring a tote bag that will certainly make you tired and troublesome. The mountain bag has a special system designed for nature lovers.

The special system is that the bag has been adjusted to the size of the back, but it is also equipped with straps at the waist and chest. Special mountain bags for women now available in cool colors and designs. You just choose what suits you!

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