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Athlon XP 2100+ Running To Hot?

How is your air movement in the case? Also, a quick Google search for "motherboard monitor" (which we mention the name of in this article) brings up many many results. At idle it runs at 47*C. It was $22 shipped from Newegg, but they are not in stock at this time. have a peek here

its quiet and runs at 114f. It's just a knee-jerk reaction to tell someone to get a better HSF when the temps are so damn high. "so damn high" to you is not that high to AMD is-38 CPU-42 AUX-35 core0-53 (seems over heat) core1-52 (its to) is it normal? my GFs toshiba laptop runs around 80c core stable no load under multiple HW reporting softwares, I've thermal pasted it with artic silver, and new thermal pads for the GPU, and http://www.dslreports.com/forum/r3943991-AMD-Athlon-XP-2100-Runs-Hot

As far as case airflow i have 1 150mm,1 80mm, and the fan in my psu is a 150mm all on intake. Everything was fine until a week or two ago. Software coolers may also affect overclocking but since you are not OCing now that doesn’t matter.If your room temp is high you can expect your case and CPU temps to be

Tommy says June 20, 2008 at 11:49 am intel pentium d 2,60Ghz temperatures in Windows xp 65-75 degres Celcius.Under havy load got up to 80-85 degres celsius.My Cpu fan it's made Hardware diagnostics give you objective feedback to help you track down a problem. ┬áThat saves you time and money. I've got a copper heatsink, I used Arctic Silver 3, 80 cfm fan... thanks manrock says November 17, 2009 at 12:04 am Great information….

Help! I was had a shut down set to 70. Good cable management in the case "Thermaltake Eureka" Idle temperatue is 20-23c. 30-38c Under game load "Fifa10, full 3d options enabled at 1680×1050 resolution". 25-30 under Adobe premiere pro 2.0 when http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/124460-29-athlon-info Usalabs says March 26, 2010 at 5:04 am I have an Intel Celeron 2.6Ghz and 1Gb ram, and it runs idle at 90F but under heavy load, rises to 145F within

The second time I applied paste, I used the Thermaltake stuff that came with the Volcano 9. Or just as long as it is below the amd recommended 90 C, not mess with it?I really am not the person to change HSF......thx.[text was edited by moderator] · actions When I was running a 2100+ my temps would range from the high 30's/low 40's to low-mid 50's (idle to load). Safe enough? · actions · 2002-Jul-26 6:25 pm · Toasted Comp$Premium Memberjoin:2002-07-10Pasadena, CA

Toasted Comp$ to DeeC Premium Member 2002-Jul-26 6:47 pm to DeeCThats better And yes its safe, If I

When you said you had exhaust you said it "takes air in and blow it out back" I might be misunderstanding but you want the air to blow into the case, No bsods, freezes , lockups, errors, nothing. What should I do to bring my System temp down by at least 10 Degrees. how do i combat the lack of cache?

I decided to ditch that clamp, and grabed some Zip ties to hold down the heat sink. navigate here Pcbuilder. Problem was my motherboard reads the temperature too high. What case do you have?

seeing higher bios #'s is the greatest joy i can feel. :) - by rodwilco rodwilco (2:33pm est wed mar 20 2002)get a life!!! - by joeblow jeez (4:29pm est wed plus, the 2000+ is so much easier to unlock - by the shark easy performance (10:14am est tue mar 25 2003)you dont really need to unlock a 2100 because its multiplier Lesson to be learned and shared. http://todayspec.com/athlon-xp/athlon-xp-running-at-1-11ghz.php No, create an account now.

However, with a few tweaks to reset procedures, both security and client satisfaction can be achieved. It sounds like it's running above 60C without load.I still recommend a better HSF, or perhaps the current one is not properly installed. If system temps are about 10C lower than CPU, then your PC is fine.

Contrary to popular belief, the stock heatsink IS NOT BAD.

CPU's these days, are mass produced, meaning they are made disposable, thus if one burns out, buy another. It's your choice.If it were my computer, I would change it, or pay someone to do it. Pcbuilder. The highest I've seen it get is 66 C.

to do this i notched up the bus speed from 133 to 166 and then put up the multiplier from 12.5 to 13.5. the only thing is that a have to change the fsb on every startup. - by dim_monk athlon xp 2100+ overclocked to 2600+ (2012.2mhz) (9:54pm est thu jan 15 2004)i'm running What to do? [PCHardware] by Kilroy208. 2x4 attic joists [HomeImprovement] by snakerock196. this contact form I am running a Pentium Dual-Core 1.6ghz processor.

Why does it kick up the speed? standard HSF. k0pyofadeadklone says February 18, 2007 at 4:59 am Also under load my cpu reaches 57c and its not a p4 its a pentium d (dual-core). I have my 2100+ overclocked to a 2200+, so its nothing major. #10 BPiersol, Dec 5, 2004 0roo0roo No Lifer Joined: Sep 21, 2002 Messages: 64,687 Likes Received: 29 if

Before refitting, get some good quality HEATSINK COMPOUND PASTE, and smear that on the top of the CPU, cover it evenly about 1mm thick. http://users.erols.com/chare/elec.htm feunul says August 25, 2008 at 6:09 am thanks a lot for information. the fan seems to work fine, the heatsink is unscarred and effective. all temp/fan monitoring programmes do not show existence of CPU fan.

I have a feeling you used either too much or too little paste on the chip. hahaha!!!! overclocking athlon xp chips has gotten harder lately, but by using a handy dremel pcstats was able to turn a 2100+ (1.73ghz) athlon xp into an unlocked 1600+ athlon xp, and Jay says March 20, 2007 at 4:57 am I have a intel 3.4GHZ w/ hypertreading and it was running at 63c so I bought a new heat sink and it runs

You want to make sure you got ample air flow through the comp cause your CPU temps would stay high no matter what kinda HSF you get. gotta love it. - by water marky (2:42pm est wed jan 19 2005)yeah, it seem like the multiplier wasnt lock on this cpu so i can freely change the multiplier.