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Athlon XP 2800+ - Why Is WinXP Saying It's @ 1.6 Ghz?


Still, instead of the 2-way associative scheme used in older Athlons, Thunderbird did move to a more efficient 16-way associative layout.[14] The Thunderbird was AMD's most successful product since the Am386DX-40 intel could offer a similar rating starting with the p4, but if the company compared the piii to the p4 it would have a tough case to make to the public. instead of trying to notice a 10-15% boost over my current setup (by going with a new xp chip over my 1.33ghz) going athlon mp will allow a boost along the AMD also uses the Athlon name for some of its series of APUs targeting the Socket AM1 desktop SoC architecture. have a peek here

CHIPS View Public Profile Visit CHIPS's homepage! Find More Posts by Lupine Lupine's System Specs MotherboardAsus Z97 Pro CPUIntel i7-4790K GraphicsSapphire Nitro Radeon R9 Fury Tri-X OC+ Memory16GB G.SKILL Sniper DDR3-2133 Cooling SolutionCorsair H100 DisplayHP ZR24W / Dell I also have three iPaq pocket PC handelds, all Windows-based of course. Compaq iPaq 3765 running Windows Pocket PC 2002 and a 206 MHz processor. (Used with a Navman GPS sleeve and navigation software.)Compaq iPaq 3955 running Windows Pocket PC 2002 and a

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Beat that. Socket A? 754? The Tbred-A often struggled to reach clock speeds above 1.9GHz, while the Tbred-B often could easily reach 2.3GHz and above.[24] The Thoroughbred line received an increased front side bus clock during

He did. So no, you can't play it unless you buy an SM3.0 card. the jump from windows 2000 or me, to windows xp on the other hand makes no sense at all. Axda3200dkv4e it is, by far, intel's worst chip ever.

i wish amd would put out good chipsets so that the big companies would use them instead of intel. - by steven

Nothing but hell with it -_-)Maxtor Diamondmax 9 120GBSeagate Barracuda 200GBLian Li PC 60BWindows XP Professional No mods Mini_Shawn #2655456 - 11 years ago In reply to WindowsRules, #12:2.1 surely? Amd Athlon Xp Socket A typical overclock of a mobile 2500+ CPU to 2.26GHz with 17x multiplier would result in being faster than highest official 2800+ MP CPU running at 2.13GHz. The curse? http://pressf1.pcworld.co.nz/archive/index.php/t-87602.html A significant aspect of this redesign was the addition of another ninth "metal layer" to the already quite complex eight-layered Thoroughbred-A.

This directly lead to the development of integrating L2 cache onto the processor itself and remove the dependence on external cache chips. Athlon Xp 3000+ You could either buy a cheap AGP graphics card and see how you go, or start saving for an upgrade. they will be insanely inexpensive and very capable. Performance will still be snappy.

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Team Geek Celebrates 25 Years of Image Comics 02.01.2017 :: 2:15PM EST Remember Valveā€™s Steam Machines? http://www.cpu-world.com/CPUs/K7/AMD-Athlon%20XP%203200+%20-%20AXDA3200DKV4E.html I have been running Ubuntu on 4 old PCs with configurations similar to yours. Amd Athlon Xp 3200+ Rmax: 794GFLOPS. Amd Athlon Xp 3200+ Specs AMD Athlon XP 2800+ configuration GA-7VT600P-RZ with Athlon XP 2800+ : how to use at max spe..

The operating system is Windows XP Pro.The family computers specs are: 1.4ghz Intel P4, 512 of ram 100gig hard drive, and an 16mb ATI Rage video card or something with Windows http://todayspec.com/athlon-xp/athlon-xp-1900-or-is-it.php Just leave there what the installer set (probably nouveau). i run this thing at least 16 hours a day, too. athlon 64 3000+ venice @ 2.5, 1g pc3200 samsung, 80g samsung sata-ii, maxtor 40g, asrock 939 dual, connect3d x1800gto, chaintech av-710, benq 19" lcd 12ms. Amd Athlon 64 3200+ Specs

qazwsxokmijn27-02-2008, 09:19 PMThe game needs shader model 3.0. Chris81528-02-2008, 08:21 PMDamn...this sounds much worse now...the thing is, I don't play games on my PC usually and so upgrading just for this would be a bit of a waste. what's worse, it was outperformed by my own duron 1.4ghz....... Check This Out all in all with all of the fans you need, you kind of feel like you're in a computer room at times.the new intel p4's with a 0.13 micron do much

An athlon xp 1800(which I'm not sure how it compares actually) is $44, but I think it would beat both the p4 and the duron by quite a bit. Amd 3200+ As an example of an entry level machine, I just upgraded a family members PC to an AMD X2 4200+EE. papibeMarch 7th, 2012, 11:09 PMI don't see why not.

http://www.anandtech.com/cpu/showdoc.html?i=1927 They are not just better for gaming, but better for everything the current celerons are useless.

You can install Ubuntu in an external hard disk or flash drive and boot from it without problems either, though the flash drive could be a bit slower (but likely still EXAMPLE: UT2003: http://www.anandtech.com/cpu/showdoc.html?i=1927&p=14 The 1.6GHz duron beats all the Intel proc's including the 1.8GHz P4. Eventually a product called the "Goldfingers device" was created by inventors Ryan Petersen and Micheal Franz Schuete that could unlock the CPU, named after the gold connector pads on the processor Amd Athlon Xp 2000+ AM2?

Find More Posts by Bomb&Run Bomb&Run's System Specs May 8, 2004, 05:05 PM #9 Aphex242 Antagonist Extraordinaire Join Date: Sep 2003 Location: Dallas, Texas Posts: 2,556 You'd be psychotic this info are old but again it good info. you make the decision then. this contact form Lost is probably the best thing that ever happened on TV.

The 2400+ absolutely wiped the floor with the celeron in anything you cared to try except video encoding, where it was a close second, and it's not even O/clocked. It's both a curse and a blessing. The core has enhancements to the K7's TLB architecture and added a hardware data prefetch mechanism to take better advantage of available memory bandwidth.[18] Palomino was also the first socketed Athlon thanks stephenb1992 I have a fairly similar system: Ram: 1.5GB (added 500mb recently, 1GB before) CPU: AMD Athlon XP2200+ (sites will report 2.2GHz) GPU: Nvidia MX-400 originally, but now using an

When a program demands more computational resources, the CPU quickly (there is some latency) returns to an intermediate or maximum speed with appropriate voltage to meet the demand. Those are pretty good ways to check hardware compatibility without messing with what you have installed now. it would appear so.. Bill Gates has way too much of our money, and we all know it.

Told him he meant he had to upgrade like I'd been telling him for some time. And what would you expect? sysmark 2001 in its standard form uses windows media encoder 7.0 which fails to recognize the sse capabilities of the athlon xp and thus results in lower benchmark scores. intel designed the p4 cpre to scale very easily to extremely high clock speeds.

August 7, 1998. So no, you can't play it unless you buy an SM3.0 card. i would have loved to see intel do something similar with its pentium pro / p-ii / p-iii, which all shared the same core. which do you consider progress? - by jjaro cache (7:12pm est tue oct 09 2001)don't even get me started on the first post.

No mods WindowsRules #2659148 - 11 years ago In reply to Mini_Shawn, #15:Nah, 3 letters, man - D......O.....S = lotsa fun No mods pryman #2659365 - 11 years ago In reply i'm graphic artist and i use one scene over again and again to test on new computer for the speed on rendering. My son had a Ti4200, he bought some game and rang me to ask what Pixel Shader 2.0 meant as the game complained and wouldn't install. it is a shame that the only people who know this are the ones reading the benchmarks (and not the sales literature).

Ask ! and can the kt133 boards go past 1.25ghz since the max multiplier seems to be 12.5x - by old mb p4 (1:33pm est tue oct 09 2001)intel made design choices with if so are there any benchmarks etc to prove it? that means quake3, return to wolfenstein, and jedi outcast will peform better.