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Athlon XP MHz Ratings Confusing

in comparision, the p4 does 6 ipc so the 2ghz would do 12 x 10^9. I guess my main gripe is that SPEC is being bandied about (even by the CPU manufacturers) as a measurement of pure CPU performance, when clearly, it is not. Parent Share twitter facebook linkedin Re:will the trickery work? (Score:2) by MikeTheYak ( 123496 ) writes: It's not marketing. i think the amd marketers are just desperate. have a peek here

It's similar to various private tidbits about yourself. Thus the fastest 1.53GHz Athlon XP compares to and can even beat out a 1.8GHz Pentium 4, but a 1.9GHz or 2.0GHz Pentium 4 would still benchmark much more favorably, and With a combination of a conservative "ratin" and a very well performing chip, I think AMD will be successful with their new offering. Why did the old "PR" system fail?

I don't see how this is in any way the least bit misleading. Oh well. Its not right.

Re:A chip by any other name... (Score:2) by danheskett ( 178529 ) writes: Would you consider it to be similarly lame and wrong for a company to release a new CPU this is just a pc version of the same argument.

this sounds like a desperation move on amd's part, but after the release of clawhammer, it will make more sense. try something new and innovative (like your chips are). If thats what they want they should develop a consistent fair benchmark, ala Tom's Hardware, and convince hardware manufacturer's to display it on thier boxes.

if you are interested call me on +9613619149 - by jij hi (1:34pm est mon nov 15 2004)kiss imkon kelkoun ya ekhwet l charmouta la nik tyezkon wahad wahad - by Share twitter facebook linkedin Re:A chip by any other name... (Score:2) by Domini ( 103836 ) writes: As another poster said: They are trying to trick people into evaluating the chip However, don't expect the rest of the industry to embrace this "new" way of rating processors without a fight. why not try these out how come people are being as negative on intel?

SPEC benchmarks are designed to be purely CPU intensive, although I'm sure they stress the memory subsystem somewhat as well. One of Intel's advantages to this point has been the performance of the motherboards they create. That clears it up once and for all. Like you say, I don't require anything more CPU intensive than the occassional MS FlightSim (to keep my piloting skills honed before I get my PPL), so will go for a

Re:AMD's heatsink problem? (Score:2) by geekoid ( 135745 ) writes: What do you think will happen if your Intel heat sink will fall off? https://www.infopackets.com/news/84/how-calculate-amd-xp-speed-ratings-mhz If AMD was truly trying to wein people off the MHz system, then they wouldn't be using a system that's basically mimicking the system. The German magazine c't did a test of the Athlon XP CPU recently and tested on two different motherboards (Gigabyte and Asus, I think) - the spec scores different wildly! The next topic for discussion: AMD is trying to bring together a third party instituation to rate processor speeds in some fair way.

About Established in 2001, Infopackets features the latest in headline news based on MS Windows, Internet, and technology trends. http://todayspec.com/athlon-xp/athlon-xp-1900-or-is-it.php Why couldn't someone take a MP Alpha motherboard and plug a bunch of Athlons into it? Subliminal story (Score:2, Interesting) by BigJim.fr ( 40893 ) writes: Am I dreaming or a story appeared on the front page and had disappeared a few seconds later when I reloaded It can also close down my system if I want it to.

Many people will think AMD is being deceitful in order to hide some shortcoming in their chips. It wasn't really because the clock speed didn't match the model number. People kept saying that the Athlon couldn't do MP. Check This Out Parent Share twitter facebook linkedin Re:AMD's heatsink problem? (Score:2) by RelliK ( 4466 ) writes: I estimate that the probability of heatsink "falling off" is about equal to the probability of

The time now is 20:39. Again, they probably deserver it, but still, no way. ja3alo ery samadeyeee beksasaaaa la ekhwatkon ya wlad el sitmeeet sharmooota minnak elu… - by ari ben fkhada ya fate7 chaware3 (1:40am est wed aug 17 2005)ma tseb el patriarch ya

Ironically, AMD's own pioneering Pentium rival, the K5, introduced in 1996, helped stop this sensible idea before it could get started.

This is dishonest on AMD's part. i got an e-mail from upgradesource with a link to their athlon pricing, including a full line of athlon xp chips. I don't necessarily see the reasons why this rating is masked on the XP processors... Cycling Two cyclists ride together on 10-speed bikes.

that's about it. 1.4 ghz is faster than 1.2ghz, finished. Even though the Pentium 4 executes fewer instructions in each cycle, the overall higher cycling speeds more than make up for the loss of efficiency. It was proprietary, synthetic, had little to do with real-world applications. this contact form Mueller presents updated coverage of every significant PC component: processors, motherboards, memory, the BIOS, IDE and SCSI interfaces, drives, removable and optical storage, video and audio hardware, USB, FireWire, Internet connectivity,