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You do have a case speaker installed, right? Try reverting the operating system back to the previous state using the system restore utility and see if the problem disappears. Ask ! I couldn't get the main part of the laptop in half, i didn't want to break it, though i did feel like bashing it many times. navigate here

Everything worked, and I backed up the past few days' work. Set the Value to 0. If that doesn't resolve your problem, proceed to the next step. How can a camera be both 12MP and 1080p, when 1920x1080 is just 2,073,600? "No such file or directory" when comparing numbers in bash What does 232 signify in RS232 standard?

You can get them at RadioShack or pretty much any electronics store. As such I would be glad if Windows would just keep the current size of the one desktop that is in operation. If not, purchase one that has a high AWG (thickness) as this will help to ensure a strong signal.

My older system has a known good GPU card so I installed it and plugged in the DVI cable accordingly (thinking maybe the onboard graphics took a dump) and same result.Tried Dennis holds a Bachelors degree in Computer Science (1999) and has authored 6 books on the topics of MS Windows and PC Security. I don't know how to take my laptop apart and i really dont wanna do it…If any of u guyz can help i would really appreciate it cj2600 March 3, 2007 That’s would be nice if you can find a test memory for a while.

Any suggestions on how I move forward and fix this? When I press the power button, it will powered on for 2 seconds then goes down, nothing on the screen. share|improve this answer edited Dec 13 '12 at 20:28 answered Dec 13 '12 at 19:29 bwerks 6613717 add a comment| up vote 1 down vote Not a fix, but a workaround. http://superuser.com/questions/316629/computer-display-suddenly-blurry-corrupted-sometimes-crashes Now, I have a new issue.

It won't boot with external or normal screen. Good luck! Latest version just does it's work, and silently sits in systray. I kindly ask at this point please do not email me "What do I do next?" if you have a monitor problem, as I will simply refer you to this article.

thanks. this contact form The fan whirs loudly in a pulse-like rhythm. pointing out that DVI works fine. solved PC runs fine but shuts down after 10mins of "intense" gaming.

Instead of replacing the motherboard, I was adviced to remove the chips and put memory in the external socket, by a user with the same problem.. check over here I suggest 6 feet (or larger) 24 AWG CL2 rated HDMI cables by Monoprice - I own many of them and they are excellent - and also available through Amazon! Try reinstalling the display drivers - for AMD you need to make sure all the old drivers have been removed - then do a new install. I checked if this worked for me but I noticed that my resolution changes when I turn ON my TV instead of turning it off.

Cooler runs once, then switches off 3. I had then forgotten to put in the PCI card, so it wouldn't boot, but there was hope… - … but on the next attempt, it was black again. - Once, Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up Here's how it works: Anybody can ask a question Anybody can answer The best answers are voted up and rise to the http://todayspec.com/auto-shutdown/auto-shutdown-hjt-log.php In this case, ensure that the power cord is pushed in all the way and the connection is secure.

So I thought it must be a processor issue. So I’m pretty lost. Good so far.

Here is how I fixed it.

If not, proceed to the next step. Thanks again for the detailed help! –Chris Anton Aug 2 '11 at 15:12 Glad you found this helpful - and that it was just the video card rather than Other times, nothing will happen. If you have the same problem with a known good battery then most likely you problem is related to the motherboard.

I let it run for a few minutes waiting to see if it’ll POST and nothing (fans and LED still on and running though). After that I can start the laptop from the keyboard and still have and access to the cooling fan. Other times (like now) it runs perfectly but a slight bump or picking it up shuts it off. weblink When the computer shut down and tried to boot back up, I put my hand back there and felt the fan trying to start.

Got a Computer Question or Problem? What is a good reference for Ethernet Driver without an OS? Thanks for sharing your knowledge insp93 November 30, 2006 | I bought a Dell Inspiron 9300 laptop.