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Bali Island for best choice Vacation

Kuta Beach

Today SpecBali island located in the territory of Indonesia country, stretches about 153 kilometers / 95 miles from east to west and 112 kilometers / 70 miles from north to south. Just south of the equator, the island’s geographic composition varies greatly. There are many first-class beach resorts that can be found on holidays in Bali. The central area contains tropical forests, rice fields and volcanoes which is actually a plus site of the beautiful and mystical city of Ubud. In the north are some quiet beaches with black sand for those who crave a calmer existence. One aspect of a Bali beach vacation is that you can choose from a resort that is crowded, offers great surf and waves or is quiet, more relaxed and also suitable for families. Bali is blessed with culture and nature to lure tourists. As a rule, the west coast has waves and the east coast, is a calm sea.

Best Beaches to visit in Bali Island

kuta beach bali

Why choose a vacation in Bali Island, because Bali has many choices of beaches, each of which has the character and personality that each serves each and the budget for a vacation in Bali. Kuta is a beach for those who like crowded, commercial, fast-paced resorts with lots of amenities and nightlife and attract the attention of many people who are vacationing in Bali. There are also a large selection of bars, restaurants and shops. For surfers, Kuta is one of the many beaches available for this activity and will appeal to less successful surfers. Kuta gives amazing colors to admire most evenings Because there is a very beautiful sunset. Legian Beach is very interesting with Kuta and interesting but this place is more attractive by people who are a bit old.

See The Sunset while eat seafood off the beach

seafood resto bali

Jimbaran is what was once a quiet fishing village, located in the southwest, is home to several five star resort hotels and luxury villas can be rented here. there is a white sandy beach which is very safe and comfortable for swimming. One of the main attractions of a vacation in Bali island is the open seafood restaurants everywhere while enjoying the beautiful beach, especially while dining, you can watch the sunset. Another upscale beach is Seminyak, which is slightly quieter than Jimbaran. The white sand beach here stretches quite wide about 3 kilometers / 2 miles. There are a number of boutique-style shops and good restaurants. The coastal area spread over 8 kilometers / 5 miles adorned with small coastal villages is Lovina Beach, further north, is a simple relaxing resort where the waves are calm and the area is shaded by palm trees. Once again, the sunset is very spectacular here. This is a place to watch fishing boats depart in the afternoon as the sun begins to redden in the sky.

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Interesting Temples

tanah lot temple bali

If you vacation in Bali Island, you will find many interesting temples. One very different temple is Tanah Lot which sits on a rock off the west coast and has been a part of local mythology for centuries. This is one of the seven sea temples scattered around the coast. Not surprisingly, with so many temples, there is a colorful festival that continues. Really know the essence of Bali. There are around 20,000 temples here, some are very small and others are worth a visit for the architecture and decoration. If you are in Bali during Nyepi Day, you will have a hard day where everyone lives so as not to attract spirits. A visit to an active volcano on Mount Agung because it is an active volcano located at an altitude of 3000 meters / 9760 feet above sea level. It has a very special spiritual significance for the local community.

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