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Thanks Mani Jim says: May 18, 2010 at 8:23 pm Thanks David, I'm glad that's fixed! If not, it could indicate Internet speed congestion or a bad broadband connection. Problem: Google Sitemap Invalid Date Error Message Solution: If you get an ‘invalid date' when you submit your sitemap, check to make sure that the time in not in the future. What's My IP Address Made Of?

Use your personal computer for everything else. System still shows : Memory usage : Free memory 4.03 M, Total memory 15.5 M, Max memory 247 M I am using Google Chrome, and have also tried Firefox (IE does not run, assume Java is blocked). Can I get a different modem and increase the speed? And… That IP address that we are seeing can and does change often (unless you have requested a static IP address).

Note: The tool is free under the above conditions. It's a fairly dynamic site. I get the links accross the top and a red X in the upper left corner.

I want to use your speedtest but I want to do so without using the form or having the surveyee initiate the tests (i.e. Can you, and anyone else having a problem, let me know what firewall they are using or what their security settings are? This occurs whether using Firefox 3.6 or IE8. The computed result is used in the second step of the speed test as the trial bandwidth of the xDSL link.

The only time you are going to get that error is when your firewall prevents closes TCP port 8500 and 8600 to 8609 from communicating. Ex: (?i)[a-zA-Z0-9\-\.]+\.(com|org|net|mil|edu) Rules - Allows you to set rules when creating your XML, HTML or Google Sitemap. Coming my Homepage and tested it. Two of these relatively new machines run fully updated XP and one fully updated Vista(ugh).

How about some good old-fashioned good manners and service? A solution for ensuring that it picks up all of the links is to destroy the session at the end of each page. Antispam: An extremely effective way of taking money out of the pockets of spammers. In a practical vein, can we expect an improvement in traffic, searches and other related things?

Nonetheless it's wonderful you are there. Oddly enough, the sitemap was accepted by Google, after resubmitting it and in spite of the fact that I was getting the same error, over and over again. I can not duplicate this problem, yet enough people are having problems that I must be missing something, so any help would be greatly appreciated! There is no catch, all we ask is that let others know how useful the XML sitemap generator was.

jenni says: June 11, 2011 at 3:35 am um….what does it mean if you run the test and it says its working but it also reads "connect time out"? Security Tests Free Software Web Tools Email Scams & Spam Computer Security News Spy Gear Internet Safety Miscellaneous Old About AuditMyPC.com Kudos Free Icons for Linking Dedicated Web Server Hosting Stay It says I have 3mb- I should have 6 mb…. One request i have.. $ _POST["testspeeds"] is there any chance you could make this output 3 different posts?

Even though it's a fairly new laptop, there may be a ton of junk on there now that could be slowing things down, from starting the computer, to running applications, to Dave N says: August 29, 2012 at 5:05 pm Besides finally getting my sitemap done, your export to xyz_sitemap.html (showing web site structure via indents) is the answer to my prayers. Jim says: November 7, 2010 at 7:04 am Hello Beirirangu, I explain that error on this page near the top of the page, 5th paragraph down. IE8 Browser.

Everett Lacewell says: August 17, 2010 at 8:35 am how can we know the IP address is in the blacklist? gee says: April 29, 2011 at 10:31 am I had earlier been using your site for auditing my PC. Solution: Tell you web hosting company to stop controlling the rate at which your site is spidered.

For example, say that you are running the link checker on website containing 500,000 pages, simply type “-Xmx512m” in “Java Runtime Parameters” field (provided you have at least a total memory

Jim says: January 5, 2012 at 7:49 pm Hi Albee, Those extra slashes you see are a bug in your programming and could result in poor ranking as the search engine and i have been checking speed before and it worked what is the difference. couple of vedio ago my internet vedio buffering speed was slow. This firewall test will also check for open ports known to be used by Viruses and Trojans.

If you are checking links or building a XML Sitemap for a large site, you’ll want to allocate more memory. I'll review the page and if approved, you'll receive an email back giving you permission to use the tool. 3) It is not used for profit, repackaged as a plugin, gadget, However, many of these addresses are reserved for special reasons, such as private networks or multicast addresses (~19 million addresses). Benefits of this Online Sitemap Generator over other Sitemap Tools One of the major advantages of using this tool is that owners of websites find errors they never knew existed on

Are the 500 pages submitted from our site the result of a limit your generator imposes? (500?) Are there more pages that did not get submitted or is it a huge If you’re having a problem with the sitemap builder and your page is formatted correctly, try deselecting the robots and no follow options. Help? I was going to check the band speed but it mentions needing Java to work, which I don't use but have found in the hard drive.

READ THIS DISCLAIMER: There are legitimate versions and malware versions of csrss. Digital Footprint Internal IP Address Broadband Speed Test Speed Test (Java) Keyboard Lesson Mortgage Calculator Yes or No? A FAQ page will help keep repeat questions down. I tried running the speed test and keep getting the error message "connection refused." I have run the test many times before and this is the first time this message has

We created our Internet Speed Test to be the most accurate broadband Speed Test on the internet!