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Pandawa beach The beauty of hidden paradise

pandawa beach bali

Today SpecPandawa Beach is located in South Bali, precisely in Kutuh Village, Kuta south District, Badung Regency, Bali. Formerly this beach was known as Secret Beach because of its location behind high cliffs overgrown with shrubs.

bali pandawa beaches

Pandawa Beach is one of the beaches with white sand on Bali Island. Pandawa Beach is located in Kutuh Village, Badung Regency. This beach is better known among foreign tourists, especially Australia by the name of the secret beach, while the local community knows this beach by the name of Kutuh Beach. At present, Pandawa Beach has become a mandatory destination for tourists visiting Balik Island both from within and outside the country. Every tourist who visits the beach located in the village of Kutuh, they will be enchanted by the beauty of the scenery. You will get clean white sand, calm waves, free from pollution and a few traders.

The name Pandawa Beach is taken from the name of the puppet figure Panca Pandawa. Therefore, when entering the beach area, you will be welcomed by a statue of Pandawa Lima, namely Yudhistira, Bima, Arjuna, Nakula, and Sadewa. All five are beautifully carved and, uniquely, the statues are kept in limestone cliffs. You can see the five statues simultaneously and sequentially from the bottom of the beach to the west.

pandawa beach bali wall

Although it is not as famous as Kuta Beach, pandawa beach it already provides fairly complete facilities. Seeing the increasing number of beach visitors every year, the local government decided to make a road that is about 1.5 kilometers in length by splitting the limestone hill, so that the trevelers can travel more easily while enjoying the scenery, the high hills are carved like terraces and wrong one limestone hillside intentionally made a statue of Pandavas and Dewa Kunti large enough to be stored in an open space so that the trevelers can be seen properly.

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Various activities that you can do on this Pandawa Beach. You can swim or sit relaxed at the edge of the beach while enjoying a drink of fresh coconut water accompanied by grilled corn dish. Or you can also take a walk while seeing how the seaweed farmers are working in cultivating seaweed. Seaweed cultivation has long been carried out by the local community since the 1980s until now. And now the results of cultivation have collaborated with other countries such as America and Denmark.

bali pandawa beach

The beauty of the beach itself can not be doubted. The charm of the white sand stretches from one end to the other, the water is clear and clean, and the sound of the waves drift in the distance. Harmonization of various beauties is ready to reassure your heart.

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